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Research seminar on Fashionable Ethics


Ethics are clearly fashionable today and nowhere is this more evident than in fashion retail marketing, where labels such as "Conscious" simplify a host of complex and interrelated ethical problems associated with the production and consumption of fast fashion into a one-word solution. While critics might dismiss this kind of marketing as greenwashing, the issue of fashionable ethics is perhaps not as straightforward as it might seem.

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Researchers with an interest in retail, marketing, consumption or ethics are invited to join us for presentations of work in progress, fika, and discussions about ethics in fashion retail at a research seminar on Monday 10 October.


  • Sofia Ulver (LUSEM) and Carys Egan-Wyer introduce the concept of fetishistic dubeity to explain the way in which consumers are (willingly?) paralysed by a steady stream of confusion around ethics in fashion retail. 
  • Jack Coffin (University of Manchester) and Carys Egan-Wyer (LUSEM) will present ideas on how the shift from specific ethical issues to more abstract ethical positionings might offer both opportunities and perils for society and fashion brands. 

It will be possible to attend this seminar online. If you wish to do so, please register via email.

If you plan to attend in person, no registration is necessary but please email Carys so we can make sure there is enough fika for everyone.


10 October 2022


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