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Amanda Sonnerfeldt got Lund University’s Pedagogical prize

Published: 2021-12-19

The students' award for excellent teaching efforts 2022 at Lund University (Studenternas pris för utmärkta lärarinsatser/Lunds studenters pedagogiska pris) went to Amanda Sonnerfeldt, Senior Lecturer at Department of Business Administration.

It is the Vice-chancellor who appoints the award winner of this prestigious educational prize of Lund University which is based on nominations submitted by the student unions at the University. The prize is awarded for outstanding efforts in education.

The award gives teachers at Lund University recognition for development work that has helped to strengthen the quality of education. By paying attention to such efforts, the teachers can also be known beyond their own course or education, thus contributing to spreading good examples of educational work.

One of the three winners is our teacher Amanda Sonnerfeldt!

Congratulations, Amanda! How does it feel to receive this award?

“I feel very honoured and privileged to receive this award. I would like to thank the Vice-chancellor and the student unions for recognising and valuing the contribution of teachers to education at Lund University. This award is especially meaningful as the nominations come from students, the very students giving me the energy and joy to teach, learn and keep up-to-date with the latest business developments.“
“The global pandemic has challenged us to rethink and reflect on different ways in which we can conduct teaching and learning activities. I am grateful to my department and colleagues who have created such a positive environment in support of high-quality education, as well as students who have constructively engaged with us to make classes work more effectively during the time when we made the transition to on-line classes. I would also like to express my deepest gratitude to the late Mr Reidar Peters who ardently supported the development of accounting education at LUSEM. In 2004, when I completed my Masters education, Reidar granted me a stipend which allowed me to pursue a career in academia.“

In 2018 you won the prize of LundaEkonomerna, LUSEM Teacher of the year. Why do you think students vote for you? What makes you such a good teacher?

“There are many good teachers at LUSEM who have dedicated their professional life to teaching and improving the quality of education. I am just one of the many teachers that recognize the value of education and share their passion for teaching.“

“Every cohort, every class and every student is different. With large classes, it is difficult to cater to the individual needs of every student. What we can do is to set clear goals and expectations, as well as to provide the conditions for students to reach out and engage with us. For each class, I try to create an open, comfortable but robust learning environment where students can be themselves, learn from and challenge each other. I hope that making accounting relevant and creating such an ambience will help students find their passion to learn, and their confidence to reflect and question conventional wisdom.“

How will the Teacher of the year award inspire you in your forthcoming teaching?  

“Receiving the LundaEkonomerna, LUSEM Teacher of the year in 2018 made me reflect on the broader moral and social purpose of education. My goals in teaching remains the same. This award further strengthens my commitment to continue to provide students with a strong knowledge foundation, to nurture critical thinking skills and the passion for lifelong learning. Our students will be among those who will lead us into the future, I hope that education at LU will prepare students both to have successful careers and to become engaging citizens in the coming decades.“

“I teach accounting. In face of the contemporary societal challenges such as climate change and the health crisis, it is increasingly evident that the disciplinary boundaries of accounting need to be broadened. Accounting is not only a technical but a social and institutional practice that has come to be a pervasive, enabling and at times disabling social phenomenon. How accounts are made has implications on decision making, people’s behaviours and their actions in organizations, the policy arena and society. In class, besides stressing the importance of obtaining a good understanding of contemporary accounting thought and practices, I encourage our students to move beyond the presumptions that the current methods of accounting are ’as good as it gets’ and to think about how accounting can be conceptualized differently.“

“In the last few years, we have worked closely with our partner companies to make our education more relevant. The funding provided by the University would further enable us to develop the accounting curriculum and to introduce new digital and pedagogical tools.“

Facts about the pedagogical prize of LU 2022

This year the prize went to three teachers at LU:

  • Amanda Sonnerfeldt, LUSEM
  • Katarina Lundin, Language and Literature Centre

  • Erik Hannerz, Department of Sociology

    The winners receive a diploma and a contribution of SEK 25,000 each, paid to the related departments in order to enable the prize winners to go on study trips.

    The prize will be presented to the winners during a ceremony on 28 January, 2022.

About Amanda Sonnerfeldt

  • Senior lecturer in Accounting and Corporate Finance at Department of Business Administration.
  • Holds a PhD in Business Law.
  • Teaches at Department of Business Administration, Department of Business Law and Institute of Service Management.
  • Involved in courses at both Bachelor’s and Master’s levels.
  • Teaches on courses in Financial Accounting, Risk management, Strategy and Management Control, and Law and Auditing.
  • Her research work focuses on transnational regulation, corporate reporting, auditing and assurance.

Amanda’s profile in the Research Portal