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Wellness Weeks: Feeling well at LUSEM and at home

Published: 2021-03-08

Hi, Pernilla Honoré, academic advisor at Department of Business Administration and project manager of Wellness Weeks: What is Wellness Weeks?

Wellness Weeks, a new initiative for students at LUSEM.

"The aim with Wellness Weeks is to make the students at LUSEM feel as a part of the School in times when we are not able to schedule courses in lecture halls and class rooms. The idea is that the students can see and connect with their fellow students in a different context than in the courses they are studying at the moment. Wellness Weeks is a collaboration between LUSEM and LundaEkonomerna", says Pernilla.

What activities can the students take part of, by joining?

"It is a mix between short presentations and physical and social activities. The idea with the presentations is to bring up subjects that are current and fill needs that many of our students have at this time, for example we have had lectures by the Students Health Centre and the Student Chaplains about isolation, motivation and what can be done to keep good routines in an everyday life. Upcoming activities are for example yoga, "alumni talks", an adventurer Mikael Strandberg will tell about his adventures and our marketing researcher Carys Egan-Wyer will talk about non-consumption. And there is yet much more to come!"

Are the activities open to all students and when are they given?

"Yes, they are open to all students but some social activities, arranged by LundaEkonomerna, have the union members as target group. The idea is to let presentations or shorter entertaining lectures alternate with social activities. Presentations are only supposed to be about 30-40 minutes and most of them are given during lunch time. Since we welcome all students at LUSEM the events are given in English with only a very few exemptions," Pernilla concludes.

Wellness Weeks

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Pernilla Honoré
Academic advisor
Phone: +46 46 222 02 86

Please get in contact with Pernilla if you have suggestions on topics or if you would like to lecture.