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Grants for conferences and external courses

PhD students can be granted compensation from the department to attend external courses or conferences. All costs must be approved by the Director of PhD programme in advance.

Allowances for conferences and courses

Compensation is granted for a maximum of 3 conferences during the period of study as follows:

  • SEK 5.000 per conference without activity
  • SEK 10.000 per conference with activity (paper presentation etc.)

The department can also contribute with up to 600 € per external course.

Please note that all costs must be approved by the Director of PhD programme in advance.

Business travel insurance

PhD students' course and conference trips are considered as business trips. Hence, you are covered by Lund University's business travel insurance.
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Steps to be taken

When you have identified a conference or a course that you want to attend, and wish to use your department budget, please follow the steps below.

  1. Ask permission
    Email the Director of PhD studies for approval. Include a budget calculation where you estimate the expenses. If you are presenting, i.e. a paper, please attach it in the email.
  2. Inform
    Upon approval, inform your programme coordinator who will help you with insurance card, insurance certificate (if needed), etc.
  3. Book the trip
    Trips and accommodation are booked through Lund University's travel agency Egencia. Employees book themselves, while non-employees need assistance from the programme coordinator.
    How to book a trip
  4. Report travel expenses
    When you return home after the trip, you may report non-invoiced travel-related expenses in SSC Primula to receive reimbursement (if the budget allows). Employees do this themselves, while non-employees need assistance from Lena Scherman.
    Travel expense reports
  5. Request a credit transfer
    If you have attended a course and want to apply for a credit transfer, send the form below to the Director of PhD programme. Do not forget to attach a course certificate.
    Request for credit transfer


Director of Research and PhD Programme
Merle Jacob
Phone: +46 (0)46-222 42 24

Doctoral programme coordinator
Charlina Lunvald
Phone: +46 (0)46-222 41 73