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Extensions of doctoral studentships

There are three types of leave or engagements that are compensated with an extension of a doctoral studentship: sick leave and parental leave; departmental duties (mostly teaching); and engagement in students’ unions and university bodies.

Sick leave and parental leave

If a PhD student at Lund University has been on sick leave or parental leave, the PhD student’s employment shall be extended with the equivalent number of full-time working days – on the condition that the PhD student have reported the sick leave, or been granted leave in accordance with the established laws and agreements, and according to the procedure at the respective faculty.

Departmental duties (i.e. teaching)

A PhD student can take part in departmental work not exceeding 20% of the total study time. The PhD student is to be compensated with an equivalent extension of the total study time. The working hours for performing departmental duties are regulated in the agreements on working hours for teaching staff. The calculation of extensions follows the standard below
(kt = working hours, “klocktimmar”).

  Until 29 yrs 30–39 yrs From 40 yrs
1 year extension 1756 kt 1732 kt 1700 kt
1 month extension 146 kt 144 kt 142 kt
1 week extension 34 kt 33 kt 33 kt

Irrespective of how the PhD student is financed, all teaching hours are registered by the doctoral programme coordinator, and turned into time extension after the PhD student’s fourth year of studies.

Engagement in students’ unions and university bodies

A PhD student who holds a position of trust in a students’ organisation and/or is a student representative within a university body is to be compensated with an annual extension according to Lund University guidelines. The decision regarding the number of days is based on the PhD student’s attendance, which must be proven by minutes from the meetings. The number of days in the table below refers to working days, hence the total amount of days must be multiplied with 1.4 before the extension.

Position Number of days/year
Lund University Student Unions (LUS)  
General Assembly 4
Presidium 5–10
Lund Doctoral Student Union (LDK)  
President 50–80
Vice president 40
Board member 10
The Economics and Management Doctoral Student Council (EDR)  
President 25–40
Vice president 8–13
Secretary 8
Other member 6
Member of election committee 6
University bodies  
Research Programmes Board (FUN) 8–15
Faculty bodies  
Faculty board 8–15
Research Education Council 8–15
Department bodies  
Department board 4–10
Research and PhD Education Committee (FFUN) 8–15


Director of Research and PhD Programme
Merle Jacob
Phone: +46 (0)46-222 42 24

Doctoral programme coordinator
Charlina Lunvald
Phone: +46 (0)46-222 41 73

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