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PhD seminars

During the PhD programme, PhD students are to present their thesis work at a minimum of two compulsory internal seminars – one research proposal (RP) seminar and one final seminar. It is also possible to have a non-compulsory midway review, a mid-seminar.

Steps to be taken

Please note that all costs in connection with seminars are to be approved by the Director of PhD studies in advance.

Find reviewers. The department recommends including PhD students as reviewers. Supervisor
Inform the Director of PhD studies, and await approval. Supervisor
Book a date and a venue (contact Malin Andersson for booking a room). Supervisor

Upon approval, inform Charlina for publication in the Calendar. Include the following information:

  • date/time/venue for the seminar
  • title of the seminar
  • name/title/university of reviewers
PhD student
Send the manuscript to Charlina (one week before the RP or mid-seminar; 2 weeks before the final seminar), for distribution with email announcement. PhD student
Ticket booking and fees to reviewers. Charlina

Details regarding the seminars

Research Proposal (RP) seminar – compulsory

  • Preferably held during the first year of studies.
  • Basis for discussion: a project description for the thesis work, including theoretical and methodological points of departure, a description of the research problem, a specification of the aims, expected results and a timetable.
  • Reviewers: at least two, of which at least one shall hold a PhD.
  • Purpose: to establish whether the subject is relevant, researchable and sufficiently well described. If the seminar report is not judged to be feasible, a new seminar must be held.

Mid-seminar – non-compulsory, but recommended

  • Held when the structure and significant parts of the contents of the thesis are complete (usually when 12–18 months are left of the PhD studies).
  • Reviewers: at least two, of which at least one shall hold a PhD. External reviewers are not needed for mid-seminars, since no formal assessment is made of the quality of the manuscript.
  • Result: clear recommendations to the PhD student for the work remaining before the thesis can be expected to be presented at a final seminar.

Final seminar – compulsory

  • Held towards the end of the PhD programme.
  • Basis for discussion: a complete and coherent manuscript of the thesis.
  • Reviewers: at least two, of which at least one shall have the qualifications required for a readership.
  • Purpose: internal quality assurance of the thesis. If the draft thesis is deemed to have significant shortcomings, a new final seminar must be held.


Director of Research and PhD Programme
Merle Jacob
Phone: +46 (0)46-222 42 24

Doctoral programme coordinator
Charlina Lunvald
Phone: +46 (0)46-222 41 73