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Stipends for PhD studies

Stipends for PhD studies at the Department of Business Administration

PhD position in Business Administration, Entrepreneurship

We announce one four-year full-time position as PhD student at Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship, Department of Business Administration. The PhD student will receive a scholarship for the first year and be employed at the department the last three years.

We are looking for a PhD student in entrepreneurship with an interest in the relationship between ownership and innovative forms of finance in the context of technological firms. The broad focus of the research is on the role played by the technological background of the entrepreneurs and managers of high-tech start-ups in the choice of financing of their venture. We hence welcome candidates with an interest in innovative forms of finance, such as initial coin offerings and tokenisation, but also in more established ones, like debt and equity crowdfunding. An interest in human capital theory in the context of entrepreneurship will also be appreciated. The position is connected to ongoing research at the department, which focuses on the role of ownership and management in financing new and small firms. Here a specific focus will be dedicated to exploring the owners’/managers’ interest in the different sources of finance.

Application deadline: 14 May 2021

Start: 1 September, 2021

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Being a PhD student

If appointed to the PhD position, you will be admitted to the PhD programme in Business Administration, a four-year programme for a doctoral degree. The doctoral degree consists of two parts, courses (90 ECTS credits) and a thesis (150 ECTS credits). As a PhD student you will mainly be working with your research project, but you can also be given more general tasks at the department, e.g. teaching, research or administrative work, in accordance with the regulations. Rules for employment as a PhD student are stated in The Higher Education Ordnance (SFS 1998:80), Chapter 5.