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Organization studies is a multidisciplinary field that investigates what happens in and around organizations. Seeking new understandings as well as better ways of organizing, researchers deploy a variety of perspectives and methods to explore both classic and particularly topical questions, such as how everyday work is managed and the role of power and gender in organizational life. Contemporary organization studies typically view organizations as socially embedded, both impacted by and impacting wider social developments.

Organization studies at Lund University School of Economics and Management is taught and investigated in close interplay with international research and wider public audiences. Our profile is marked by a longstanding engagement in close-up empirical studies of organizational activities and processes, guided by critical perspectives and reflexive analysis.

Our current organizational research and teaching covers a broad palette of topics, ranging from leadership, identity and branding to knowledge work, gender and change. We conduct empirical studies in several different types of organizations, such as high-tech corporations, government agencies, professional service firms and health care delivery organizations. Most of our research is conducted within the LUMOS research group (Lund University – Management and Organization Studies), with generous grants and long term financial support from FORTE, Vetenskapsrådet, Handelsbankens forskningsstiftelser and Vinnova.


Deputy Head of Department,
research area Organization

Tony Huzzard

Mats Alvesson
Tony Huzzard
Stefan Sveningsson

Associate professors
Louise Bringselius
Sanne Frandsen
Olof Hallonsten
Anna Jonsson
Dan Kärreman
Charlotta Levay
Roland Paulsen
Jens Rennstam
Sverre Spoelstra

Senior lecturers
Christine Blomquist
Monika Müller
Stephan Schaefer
Nadja Sörgärde
Robert Wenglén

Katja Einola
Didde Humle
Iva Josefsson
Susanne Lundholm

Doctoral students
Anna Biering-Sørensen
Jonas Cedergren
Emilie Hesselbo
Andreas Jansson
Jayne Jönsson
Johan Jönsson
Nina Singh Gangoso
Maria Svenér
Stefan Tramer
Rachel Waldo

Guest researchers
Laurie Cohen, Nottingham University Business School
Yiannis Gabriel, University of Bath

Affiliated researchers
Helen Delaney, University of Auckland
Susann Gjerde, University of South-Eastern Norway
Katie Sullivan, University of Colorado