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Publicerad: 2021-06-23


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Anna Brattström

Article on "What do they think and feel about growth? Examining small business managers’ attitudes towards growth in the United States", written by Alexander McKelvie, Anna Brattström & William Dennis, Jr., 2021, in Journal of Business Venturing Insights.


Gustav Hägg

Tanya Kolyaka

Doctoral Thesis on "Financial Bootstrapping as Relational Contract: Linking resource needs, bootstrapping behaviors, and outcomes of bootstrapping exchanges", written by Tanya Kolyaka, 2021 Apr 21, Lunds universitet, Media-Tryck . 217 p.


Hans Landström

Article on "The Social Structure of Entrepreneurial Education as a Scientific Field", written by Hans Landström, Jonas Gabrielsson, Diamanto Politis, Roger Sørheim & Kari Djupdal, 2021, in Academy of Management Learning & Education.


Marie Löwegren

Toolkit including a handbook on intercultural competence and entrepreneurship as project outputs from the Erasmus+ programme NICE (Network of Intercultural Competence and Entrepreneurship). 

Jasna Pocek

Report on "Inclusive Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Analysis in Montenegro", written by Jasna Pocek, 2021 Jun, International Labour Organisation.


Diamanto Politis


Sotaro Shibayama

Anna Stevenson

Doctoral Thesis on "Constructing the 'social' in social entrepreneurship: A postcolonial perspective", written by Anna Stevenson, 2021 Apr 19, Lund: MediaTryck Lund. 195 p.

Caroline Wigren