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2019-12-09 Research

The researcher: Nobel Prize winners are rock stars for a week

There is no magic formula for who is going to win a Nobel Prize, but there are many common...

2019-12-06 Career

We are looking for an entrepreneurship researcher!

Announcement of Postdoc stipend

2019-12-05 Education

Get to know Johan Wiklund, our new guest Professor!

Giving a doctoral course on Entrepreneurship and Well-being in the spring of 2020 where he...

2019-11-27 Research

Can we shop ourselves out of the climate crisis?

These days, shops offer sales on their products even before Christmas Eve, on everything f...

2019-10-30 Research

Three motives for enduring endurance running: freedom, achievement and competition

Endurance running is often seen as a welcome escape from everyday life. But extraordinary ...