Department of Business Administration

Lund University School of Economics and Management

PhD courses

Compulsory and optional courses in Business administration and research policy

Our intensive courses offer a combination of lectures, seminars, and workshops for students to learn and receive guided feedback on their PhD projects from leading scholars.

Please note that due to the current circumstances, the information on this page is preliminary and might be subject to change.

Compulsory courses | Business administration


Quantitative Methods | 7.5 credits
20 Jan–23 March
Course leader: Prof Johan Anselmsson
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Online course
Qualitative Methods | 7.5 credits
6 April–9 June
Course leader: Prof Mats Alvesson
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Online course
Philosophy of Science | 7.5 credits
15 April–10 June
Course leader: Prof Tomas Hellström
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Introduction to Business Research Methods | 15 credits
Cancelled – prel autumn 2021
Course leader: Associate Prof Peter Svensson
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Theory in Business Administration | 7.5 credits
Cancelled – prel autumn 2021
Course leader:  Associate Prof Jens Rennstam
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Compulsory courses | Research Policy


Online course
Innovation studies | 7.5 credits
Prel. 17 March, 21 April & 12 May 
Course leader: Prof Merle Jacob

Research Policy | 7,5 credits
Cancelled – prel spring 2021
Closed for applications
Course leader: Prof Merle Jacob

Optional courses


Entrepreneurship and Well-being |
7.5 credits
6–7 Feb & 2–3 April | Closed for applications
Course leader: Prof Johan Wiklund
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Commercialize your research |
3.5 credits
2, 14, 28 Oct | Open for applications
Course leader: Prof Hans Landström
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On-campus or online
Qualitative data analysis and theorization | 7.5 credits
Sep–Nov | Open for applications
Course leader: Associate Prof
Jens Rennstam
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Online + 1.5 day physical workshop
Digital monies for a sustainable future | 7.5 credits
1 Sep–13 Oct | Open for applications
Course leader: Prof Ester Barinaga
Course syllabus and literature
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Reflexive and Creative Methodology | 7.5 credits
28 Sep–2 Oct
Open for applications
Course leader: Prof Mats Alvesson
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Critical Management Studies |
7.5 credits
5–9 Oct | Open for applications
Course leader: Associate Prof Roland Paulsen
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Critical Perspectives on Leadership | 7.5 credits – this course will be given in spring 2021 (prel). Course leader: Associate Prof Sverre Spoelstra.
Course syllabus

Corporate Social Responsibility | 7,5 credits – this course will be given in early autumn 2021 (prel). Course leader: Associate Prof  Susanne Arvidsson.
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Director of Research and PhD Programme
Merle Jacob
Phone: +46 (0)46-222 42 24

Doctoral programme coordinator
Charlina Lunvald
Phone: +46 (0)46-222 41 73

Apply for our courses

If the number of applicants exceeds available places, applicants are prioritised as follows:

  1. PhD students from the Department of Business Administration
  2. PhD students from other departments at LUSEM
  3. External PhD students

The compulsory courses are free of charge for external participants. The cost of each optional course is 5.000 SEK + VAT (25%). Only Swedish governmental organizations are exempt from VAT.

Note: non-exempt students attending two courses will be charged a reduced rate of 7.500 SEK (plus VAT), and students who take three courses will be charged 10.000 SEK (plus VAT) in total. In some cases students from partner universities will be exempt from payment.