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Strategic Management

Strategic management concerns the mechanisms and factors that drive and explain differences in firm and organizational performance. It includes topics related to industries, markets, factor markets and not least firm-internal management processes and capabilities.

Hence our research base is broad in scope including dependent variables such as performance, competitive advantage, rents, business development, and growth, and independent variables such as resources, value chains, control, structure, decision processes, culture and competence. Among many other things.

The corporate world is often said to be in constant flux, and our education and research programs reflect this variety. We study traditional as well as contemporary phenomena in the corporate world, and we do it with the help of established as well as emergent theories. Currently, the focus is very much on topics related to globalization, innovation, costing and pricing capabilities and value appropriation, product and market development, knowledge-intensive organizations, and technology management, particularly so information and communication technology. In response to these challenges, our programs typically include a focus on both the restructuring of traditional and capital-intensive industries and businesses, as well as the development of new business models in high tech environments.

Any student of strategy will be equipped with a range of theories within economics, the strategic and administrative sciences, to deal with contemporary challenges and opportunities. We teach and study these phenomena both in corporate and public organizations.

Stein Kleppestø: Creating an Exponential Mindset – the fundamentals of strategic thinking

What is strategic thinking? Can the ability to think strategically be measured? Can you learn how to think strategically? Stein Kleppestø, senior lecturer, answers these question during a seminar.


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