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LU Case Day 2021: Guiding case-discussions digitally


Lund University Case Academy (LUCA) invite engaged teachers, researchers, and students who want to share experiences and reflections connected to the case pedagogy.

The seminar will be devoted to sharing of experiences of the digitalization of university education that took place in March 2020, focusing on case-based methods. These include the Harvard case method, project-based learning, and problem-based learning. Cases may be in various formats including texts, tables, pictures, films and simulations. Student’s active participation in analysing the cases and proposing solutions is common to all forms.

How have teachers dealt with the challenge of adapting student case discussions to digital format? Which opportunities and challenges with digitalization have been experienced? Has digitalization changed student participation and how? Has the role of the teacher in guiding the discussions changed and how? The program will cover experiences from three faculties, presented by one teacher from each faculty. Each presentation will be followed by small group discussions in break-out rooms and a wrap-up session.

The seminar takes place in Zoom. Register before 26 April for the seminar and a Zoom link will be sent to you shortly before the event.


9:00 Presentation of experiences from LTH (Joakim Kembro)

9:15 Small group discussions

9:35 Questions and wrap-up (Joakim Kembro)

9:50 Break

10:00 Presentation of experiences from LUSEM (Ulf Ramberg)

10:15 Small group discussions

10:35 Questions and wrap-up (Ulf Ramberg)

10:50 Break

11:00 Presentation of experiences from the Faculty of Medicine (Sten Erici)

11:15 Small group discussions

11:35 Questions and wrap-up (Sten Erici)

11:50 Summary and plans for next year (Ulf Ramberg)

Organizing team: Joakim Kembro (LTH); Ulf Ramberg, (LUSEM); Gudrun Edgren (MedCUL, M).

Lund University Case Academy (LUCA) was formed as a network across faculties in 2012 to promote case-based student active learning. It was started by a group of teachers from the Faculty of Engineering LTH, School of Economics and Management (LUSEM) and the Faculty of Medicine, who share an interest in case-based methods. These include the Harvard case method, today used at LUSEM and the Faculty of Medicine, project-based learning, used in LTH, and problem-based learning used in the Faculty of Medicine.

LUCA is interested in widening the participation in the network to more teachers and faculties at Lund University. LUCA organizes a local conference each year, LU Case Day, to share experiences and contribute to development of teaching and learning practices.

28 april 2021


This is an online meeting.